Booking dining errors

keep getting errors this morning, off to a great start :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry to hear that have you tried using the website and the app as often one will work where the other won’t? I had no luck on the website myself but the app worked.
Hope things improve

I was able to get in at 7:00 with no problem. My only issue was that Victoria and Albert’s Queen Victoria room did not show up looking at the MDE app on iPhone, but did pop up with multiple availabilities on my desktop.

When are we going! So nice of you to take me!


Same here. This is our ADR day too. Some go through, some I keep getting the “sorry for the paws” screen. Frustrating. Called the reservation line right at 7 am and have been on hold for 40 minutes. :dizzy_face:

yeah been on hold now an hour - fun times! :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, there are some things (dining/show packages, etc.) that do not show up on the app and you have to call or use the computer. Incognito mode usually helps if the regular page does not.


Welp - found out it had something to do with the credit card i had in there - guess it didnt like me making all those reservations :roll_eyes: put another CC in there and started to work fine - called the CC company and it said it was on WDWs end - anyone else experience this?

I was making them for my friend when she was in work. The first few worked fine, then it started saying her card had expired. I rang her and she tried to put in a new card, it wouldn’t let her. I ended up using my card and just putting in the info separately for each ADR because I didn’t want it to be actually linked, MDE being as glitchy as it is!

Yes, mine was over legitimate repetetive charges of the exact same amount. The CC company thought Disney had charged me multiple times for one item, when in fact, they just can’t perform simple addition. :smile:

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bummer. Hope it get’s fixed and everybody gets what they want

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My ADR date is around May 20th. Do you need to have a CC linked now for ADR’s? Last time I did them was for a January 2015 trip and you only needed the CC for Cinderella and BOG reservations. Not doing either of those this time. I have to give myself a refresher over the next month. First I need to figure out what ADR’s I want to shoot for. :slight_smile:

Yes you need s credit card linked for all because there’s a $10 per person fee if you don’t show up (no charge as long as at least one person does show up).

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