Booking day-of FPs when you only have 1 or 2 (NOT 3) advanced FP reservations

Hi All - these forums are great, so much insight! One questions I couldn’t find a recent answer for:

I plan to book only two advanced Fast Passes for one of our park days (at AK). Once we have used those two advanced FPs, can we then book a third (day-of) FP at another park?

I saw some old threads (2014, 2018), which indicated we could indeed book the additional FPs at other parks, but want to know if this is still current. (See this from Nickysyme 2 years ago: Fastpasses when park hopping)

Current posted FastPass rulesets here (Touring Plans) and on Disney website assume you’ve booked 3 advanced FPs, nothing mentions rules if you’ve only booked 1 or 2 advanced FPs.

Thanks for any wisdom!

You can book one or two. On that day you can book your other ones in your second park. I always assumed you have to scan in your first FP before you book the other park, but I am not sure you actually have to take that step.

In fact, you can make one at AK and then make your other two at two other parks if you wanted.

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Yes you do need to scan into the first as far as I know. That’s definitely what @Nickysyme says.

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I thought so but I think someone on a challenge reported they just had to be in a park- but maybe that was just #2?

I’m honestly not sure.

I always thought you had to tap into the first one.

But I haven’t tried without doing that, so not 100% sure.

What we need is someone to test it out!

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In addition it’s useful to note that tier restrictions will not apply to your second park in your example. You can have say a tier 1 and 2 booked in your first park, then book a tier 1 in your second park.


This is very helpful, thank you! Our trip is in April. If I get any answers about whether you need to tap into your first FP or just into the park, in order to start booking day-of FPs, I will revert.

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So suppose I book a tier one and 2 tier 2s in HS. We get to HS at rope drop and I realize I don’t need one of the tier 2s and I drop it. Can I then book at tier one at Epcot? Sorry I’m so confused. Or should I just not book the third so I can get a tier one at Epcot day of?

Either way would work. You could book the one at Epcot after you tap into the first.

If you cancel one, you must cancel it. Modify won’t work.

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