Booking CRT and BBB

Are there any specific strategies to book BBB at the MK directly before CRT? How long should you allow for BBB to take to make sure you don’t miss the CRT reservation? Are there certain times of the days that have more availability than others?
We would really like to book this for DGD7 but also don’t want to spend the majority of our day waiting for this.
Any alternatives that little girls would enjoy just as much?

I am doing this in August and called BBB to ask how long a typical appointment is. The person I spoke with said 45-60 minutes is typical so I ended up booking 2 hours before my dinner reservation at CRT- just to have extra time in case they are running behind, plus I figure if we have time to spare before dinner, DD4 will love to parade around in her finery. I booked CRT at 180 days out, I didn’t call to make the BBB appointment until 2 weeks later and was able to get the time I was looking for.

That is wise, as they often are. Plus, you’ll DEFINITELY want to go next door to Castle Couture and have photos done. They are part of the photopass program and are amazing. I treasure the ones I have of DD … gosh almost 10 years ago now!


If she is really into princesses, not really. I believe there is a package at The Ivy Trellis at Grand Floridian, but I don’t think it’s quite the same experience.

My kids really enjoyed the Pirate’s League, and my wallet did too :wink: There are lady pirate packages as well as mermaid packages. And the Map Room (similar in idea to Castle Couture) is a lot of fun.

Here is some info on what is available at The Ivy Trellis:

"Character Couture Packages

Behold an array of regal makeovers designed for Guests of all ages.

Storybook Style: $50 (child ages 4 to 12); $80 (adult) Classic character-inspired hairstyle
Magical Makeover: $75 (child ages 4 to 12); $105 (adult) Classic character-inspired hairstyle and makeup
Timeless Transformation $90 (child ages 4 to 12); $120 (adult) Classic character-inspired hairstyle, makeup and nails"


OMG - this is adorable. Sold! Now, if only I can get the reservations booked :wink:

We did a BBB about 2 hours before CRT and it worked good. We got the pictures done beforehand too. It really works best if you have 2 days at MK bc the whole process of doing both does eat up a good amount of time from the day.

We do have two full days at MK so that should work fine

oh my. It makes me such a geek that I would so love to do this LOL
I would be mocked by all my family and friends & the first week in Sept it is going to be too hot to leave the hair in for 2 days plus a very high chance of rain - and the makeup would probably sweat off in an hour, so I can’t justify the $ - but I went and looked at some videos/pictures and it does tempt me - especially before the Halloween party LOL

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She is certainly a lovely princess!

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Pirates’ League is a good choice & less expensive. My DGD has done BBB twice (at 4 & at 5 years) & then Pirates’ League this past Jan at 7yo. She loved both - as well as just face painting anywhere in WDW! There is a BBB in DS too, which we may do for 4yo DGD before Akershush dinner.

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That was so long ago. Her first ballet recital was just a few days before that - the dress looked like a Cinderella dress.

Now look at her :heart:


Beautiful pics. They grow up way too fast!

What a beautiful picture of a beautiful little girl! Thanks for the tip, I definitely want to do this!

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Still a lovely princess!

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If this is a first trip to Disney I would plan BBB on the 2nd MK day. It does take a lot of time out of the day and my DD got very anxious waiting. She wanted to do BBB but also didn’t want to miss any rides and this was our 3rd day at WDW. So mush exciting things to see that first day, she would not have wanted to stop and spend over an hour getting made into a princess.

We loved BBB but the second trip we did it at Disney Springs instead and it was not as hard for her to wait since there weren’t rides to be going on instead. We followed that appt with dinner at Epcot with
Dinner at Akershus

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We have two days planned at MK and I think it’s a good idea to plan on this for the second day there. This is the first Disney trip for most in our party and we are doing MK for our first park day so I imagine excitement will be high. I know I will want to get to the rides right away so I can only imagine the 7 year old will as well :wink:
Thanks for the suggestion!

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@mjsmomma @OBNurseNH @kait62881 I was able to book both BBB and the CRT ADR however, the times they had were limited and I am afraid what I have booked will cut things too short. BBB is at 9:30 am and CRT is at 10:00 am. We don’t go until December so I am going to keep checking both to see if I can make modifications. I am thinking at least one hour between the appointment and the meal would be better? At least I have plenty of time to (hopefully) get the times a little better.

Yes. 30 minutesnis not enough. Keep trying!