Booking ADR's - HELP, Please!

Good morning, I have a couple of ADR questions for you all. For the first time, we are doing a split stay: 3 nights at the Grand Floridian Villas, and then 7 nights at Bay Lake Tower. I know that means that I will need to make my first set of ADRs, then do the second set 3 days later, but I am wondering, Can I do the ADRs for the day of check-out during the first set? Meaning, if we are staying at GFV June 23-26th, can I book our reservations for the 26th on 12/25 (Can’t believe I’ll be doing this Christmas morning btw).

My next question is: how far apart do reservations need to be? There is one night where part of our travel party will be eating at one place (The Wave), and 2 others will be eating at Cali Grill - if they are spaced an hour apart, will that work?

My final question is about the order in which I should attempt to book the first set - some of these restaurants are new to me so I’m not sure how big a priority they are to others. Here they are (in the order that I think I should book them):
Ohanas, Sun. 6/25, 10:00am
California Grill, Mon., 6/26, 6:30 (only a party of 2)
Skipper’s Canteen, Sat. 6/24, 5:00pm
1900 Park Fare, Fri., 6/23, 5:00pm
The Wave, Mon., 6/26, 5:30
Grand Floridian Cafe, Sun., 6/25, 5:00pm

Thank you so much for you help!

You can book ADRs on your check out day which means you will be able to book the 26th on day 180 when your first group opens. The timing of ADRs has not been consistent for me. At times in the app I have been able to make ADRs at the exact same time for two different restaurants. Most times I have needed more than an hour between them.

The only two difficult ADRs on your list are 'Ohana and California Grill. For my April trip a 6:30 ADR for CG was available at day 120 but they could be gone at other times at day 180.

I have found persistence and the Touring Plans reservation finder my best friends. This has been true for FPP and ADR. Also, I take reservations NEAR the time I want. It seems like once I have something, I am able to adjust.

Awesome! Thank you @principal. I guess I should stick with the booking order I have planned.

The reservation finder is definitely a solid Plan B for me.

If you want the ADR’s at the same time you could set up a dummy account. At 180 days I think you’ll get everything, but I’d do Ohana first. Bad luck on your ADR day being the 25th, but once you’ve finished your day will be even more magical. I have a split stay, I didn’t need to check on ADR day but on FPP day I could book for both parts of my stay.

I too have 2 reservation numbers this summer. I booked through DVC and called when the 180 day window opened. The DVC agent set up a “ghost” reservation and made ADRs for the entire trip. Not sure if this is unique to DVC but would just given them a call to see if this is possible.

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