Booking ADRs - do you really need to select all the names in the Dining Party?

This might be something all true Liners know and I am clueless, but…
I am practicing booking ADRs since my real date is tomorrow. On one “fake” reservation, I accidentally forgot to select the 6th guest for my party of 6 and it still accepted the reservation. Then I tried not selecting anybody except myself as the contact and it still worked, both on the app and on the website.

It is so time consuming selecting all 6 exact guests – so I am hoping that I really do not need to do that. But then with all the issues with Disney’s systems, I an worried that although it worked for now, it might be a problem later???

No you don’t need to.

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I always just make a reservation for 3 or 4 under my profile . The reservation is book for myself and the rest are “guests”. I then most times “update party” later so that my family can see the reservations in their plans.

Excellent! I am really glad I “practiced”.

Thank you!

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Ya, definitely don’t waste time clicking names! Just keep clicking next!

Sometimes it auto-selects them though, because I booked a couple “backup” reservations under my husband’s account and it warned him that he was already listed under mine, but I just clicked remove and was able to book.

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For some reason, sometimes I get this…


And it forces me to select someone. Not sure why.

I just tried, and I see that if I remove a guest I’d already slotted the app insists that I add another name. At that point I’d just select “Add Guest”, get to the part where I can type a new name, and add “Guy Incognito” or something.

As others have said they aren’t doing anything with the names (other than at Victoria & Albert’s), you can show up with fewer with no repercussions. It’s only there to allow the res to be shown on the plans of the guest.


Oh crap - I just realized my 7 day tickets don’t start til Oct 24th but we check-in on the 23rd. Does that mean I can’t book ADRs until 180 days from the 24th - NOT 180 days from my check-in date of the 23rd?

ADRs have nothing to do with tickets at all. If you have a resort stay, you’ll be able to book at 180 from check in day plus the next 10 days (up to the length of your stay). If you don’t, you can still book at 180 days from the day you are booking the restaurant.

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No, that won’t matter. Just don’t book a park TS on the 23rd!

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Duh -forgot dining not tied to park tickets like FFPs. thanks all!

I only had to select guest names on reservations that would normally be prepay, like CRT.

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