Booking ADR for large group (11) approach?

Hello! I was wondering what is the best way to book for 3 families - 11 people (young adults no little ones)? Thought splitting into 2 groups - 5 & 6 and having my husband and I on separate accounts try to get similar times. Would that work or should I just phone? Hoping for Olga’s and Sci Fi but realize may not be possible as very hard to get. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I was able to get Oga’s for a group of 14 for friends going. I’ve been able to make reservations from one account for two tables. When you go to make the reservation, use the drop down box to change the lead on the reservation. So using your account, make an ADR for 6 people with you as lead, then book at second ADR at a similar time and choose someone from your connected friends and family as the other lead. I did this for friends going with a large group. I personally always use a TA who books my ADRs while I’m still asleep but I booked ADRs for a friend going with extended family who had never been before.

Thank you so much - that helps a lot.

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Be ready to use 3-4 different MDE accounts to split the ADRs using the app. Very annoying.

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Welcome to the forum. I’ve had success with booking via MDE with different people as the lead guest as mentioned above. When booking more than one table like that, I’ll follow it up with a phone call to ensure that the reservations are connected so that the restaurant knows, giving us a greater chance to have tables nearby, or hopefully pushed together.
When I have a really large group (more than 15), unless it’s a buffet (that I can book in one reservation) I’ll call and have the cast member make all the reservations with my name as the lead. They can also help with figuring out how to break the tables because they can see the seating structure.

Thank you for the help!

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We had a group of 12. We only made ADRs for Ogas and did all other dining on the fly. We were there only a few days and did a lot of small plates at Epcot.

For Oga’s, I made multiple ADRs because I wasn’t sure how our plans would work out. I used my MDE account and DH’s to grab ADRs for whatever group sizes I could get (some 6/6, some 8/4) with reservation times close to each other. When we checked into Oga’s, they combined our reservations and we were seated at a booth.

I realized I had accidentally deleted one of the reservations. Oops! However, I was able to grab a reservation for 2. Then, I used the mousedining alerts to get notified of openings. Whenever an availability for 2 popped up, I modified my existing ADR to add additional people. I was able to change that 2 person ADR into a 6 person ADR. I did paid for one month access for text alerts. Their alerts will continue until you cancel. Plus, you can have multiple alerts set.TP’s alerts are a one time alert then you need to reset.

For on the fly dining reservations, we used the join the walk up list option. Again, splitting up into multiple groups. Sometimes we asked to be seated together or we just split up depending on how busy the restaurant was and how hungry we were.


The phone # for large group dining is 407-939-7707. I’ve used it a couple times in the last week and it’s much easier than trying to do multiple reservations yourself or on more than one app. It doesn’t open at the same time it does online so may not be helpful for the really hard to get tables.

Thank you good to know.

Did they give you a definition of “large group”? I’ve tried using a number like that in the past (not sure if it was the same one) and the minimum was 35 people.

I believe it’s 12 but not sure on that. My party is 16.

Thank you for asking this! I will be in a party of 21 for Thanksgiving and a party of 11 for Christmas. Definitely wondering how to make all of this work!

60 day mark was this AM. My husband and I both had laptops and another mom was also online. We each had dates, times, and restaurants to book trying to coordinate through text. We did mainly reservations for 5 & 6 for our 11 people which was fairly successful. Using a different lead person worked very well. Thanks to everyone in this thread. The firework packages & droid depot don’t seem to be available yet … will keep trying.
Best of luck to you


When we had 11 people split into two reservations we usually mentioned it at the restaurant check in so we could remind them to be seated together. Most restaurants were able to accommodate at this point.