Booking a Trip in April '22

Hey everyone! Hoping you all can calm my nerves for an anniversary trip that I’m in the process of booking. We are planning on an arrival date in the first half of April of '22 and I did not even consider the Spring Break crowd.

We have never visited the parks in April and are looking forward to more tolerable weather, and maybe some shorter wait times. (We have only been in the middle of summer before) I know I know we will be in Disney and it will be amazing but I am a bit of a worrier at heart!

Has anyone had any experiences they can share about the parks in April. (Crowd size and weather wise)

I’ve been in April… It can be hit or miss, imo. If you’re used to summer at Disney, the weather will be more tolerable. Depending on how Easter falls, it could be busy with spring breakers, or cheer/dance groups. The cheer/dance groups will only be an impact if you are unlucky enough to be staying at their resort, which in the past has been Coronado, Port Orleans or All Star Sports.

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I will add groups on their senior trips to the April groups but it is my favorite time to go!

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We are hoping to be able to stay at BC or WL so hopefully that does help us miss some of the big big crowds.

Thank you for the info!

I would avoid the run Disney dates.

I will have to go and check out those dates.

Thank you!

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Yep I booked one the end of April 2022! Three days before the 7 day Disney Cruise and 4 days after. Sailing away with the mouse. :laughing: