Booking a tour - do they open up closer to the date?

I tried to book a Keys to the Kingdom tour for May 7 but all slots are full (6 weeks out). In the groups experience, do slots open up closer to the actual day (other folks changing plans) and would I be well served calling weekly for now then daily as the time gets closer?


It’s a tour you have to pay for upfront, but if you cancel with enough notice you do get refunded, so it’s absolutely possible that tours that are currently booked up will have openings come available as people change their plans. Keep trying!
Oddly enough May 7th is my KttK day.

If I were you, just keep checking back for openings, but especially a little over 48 hours before the tour start. People that have reservations will lose their money if they cancel or no-show after that. So, I know for me, if I’m cancel my reservation, I’d do it 72 hours before, just to be sure I had to cancel and didn’t lose my money.

Are you certain about the refund? When we went to DLR last October, I booked the Walking in Walt’s Footsteps Tour (which was awesome!) and the CM I was talking with said that no refunds would be given even if I had to cancel. I remember this, because it surprised me and I asked her to confirm that I understood her correctly. Maybe it’s different at WDW.

I’m planning to book a tour on our next trip to WDW, but I was hesitating because there’s a slight chance we might end up needing to cancel and because the no-refund rule I ran into with DLR. So I’m hoping that refunds are possible there.

“You will forfeit the entire price of your tour if you no-show or cancel within 2 days of your reservation.”

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Great! Thank you for the link. I’m still surprised that DLR wouldn’t provide a refund for someone.

When I called to book the tour I made double sure that should plans change I could still get a refund. Just as long as it’s more than 48 hours prior you’re good!

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AWESOME tour :slight_smile: We LOVED it :slight_smile: You could try a different day that you would be there. I’m not sure about canceling :frowning: