Booking.a grand villa

Does anyone know how to check for grand villa availablity (rack rate) not on DVC point other than calling reservations? None come up online when I look. Thanks!

You mean they just don't show as available or you don't see them at all. If you can see them but no availability they are probably booked. Pretty sure those are very hard to snag... even though they cost an arm and 2 legs, and a live chicken, and three goats, and a camel lol.

True that.

Thx for the reply! They don't come
up at all. I am thinking that they go to DVC owners first. Probably they don't put it on the reservation website to hold it for them.

I've always had to call. If you're really paying cash, however, you could save some money by going through David's VC Rentals ( I've used them a bunch.

Thanks Len. I know it is insanely expensive and they don't discount the grand villas. Renting points would be cheaper. I wish we could see availablity online like we can for the other cash/rack rate villas.

@tinkerbelle16 You have to call in to check availability for all Grand Villas except for Treehouse Villas at Saratoga -- they will show up in an online search if there are openings.

Also note that Grand Villas are almost always excluded from any discounts. So when you are paying cash for a 3BR and a discount comes out and everyone else in the resort paying cash is getting 30% off ... ouch.