Booking a 4th EP FPP if you miss one of your 1st three FPPs

If for some reason, I miss 1 of my 1st three FPPs, can I still book a 4th FPP after I scan and I am in line for the 3rd FPP?

Yes - the trouble you may have is with the tiers (so no trouble at all in MK). If the one you didn’t use is a tier two, you may have to book and use a tier two FPP before having access to the tier one passes.

Yes it is 2nd EP tier 2 that we may miss…
Possibly a few minutes late.
I have my 2nd tier 2 that is right before my afternoon first tier 1 FPP and I will not miss my tier 1 (so that is good).
I see that TP assumes you can still use an FPP up to about 15 minutes past its 1 hr window so I assume there is some leeway on the 1 hr windows…
If I am 20-30 minutes past the 2nd tier 2, would swiping my 2nd tier 2 at that time, help with my problem?
Or should I just bypass 2nd tier 2 if it looks like I will be 20-30 minutes beyond window?

Yes the leeway after your hour window is 15 mins. If you try to scan in after that it won’t work and won’t clear it from MDE. The best thing to do if you’re later is to modify to either that attraction or another tier 2, whatever you can get that’s close (both the time and geographically).

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Since I already have the 2nd tier 2 right before 1st tier 1, I can only modify it to after 1st tier 1 (Soarin).

If we miss the grace period, I will have have to book and try to get to the closest available tier 2 (walk to time and available FPP time) after my tier 1 and when in that line, I will try to book an FPP for fireworks…

How much better is fireworks when viewed from FPP viewing area?

I am pretty sure I should not worry this much about FPP for fireworks since this day appears that it will be the last EP Crowd Level 1 day this year :wink:

If you book it before you’ve tapped in for your tier 1, you’ll have to do it after the window but you can move it closer once you do tap in. Or you can tap in first and then just book it for as close as you can get to immediately.

You don’t need a FP for the fireworks, I wouldn’t even bother.


Thanks :grinning: , good info, fireworks FPP forgotten… :wink:

I have not figured out why they would make fireworks an FPP anyway.

Last time I was at EP was over 20 yrs ago and fireworks was viewed great from anywhere…

Yeah it still is.

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Yes - the viewing area is a nice viewing area. So I have picked one up last minute or right before dinner and just used it for the area, but you can 100% find a spot around the lagoon without a FPP.

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