Booked SW without realizing it's not one of DCLs affiliated airlines

So I booked SW today. Will I be able to do online check-in or should I pony up the $37.50 for early bird check in? On Fantasy 9/17. Thanks

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I paid for EBCI for my husband so he can at least save me a seat.

You may be able to do online check-in using the ship’s wi-fi but the connection can be slow/unreliable, so you may not be able to do it very quickly to get a good boarding position.

Do you have anyone at home who can check-in for you? That’s what I did for my parents the last time they traveled SW and didn’t think they’d have access. I just needed their confirmation #.

This is one situation where I did pay for EB check in just so I don’t have the worry while I’m enjoying my last day of the cruise. I think a lot of people pay for one person, then they save seats. If it were me, I’d just go ahead and pay the $37.50. Enjoy your cruise!

Just thought I’d mention it, because I just saw it on the Southwest site. They’re raising the price of EBCI to $15/person one-way effective March 14, 2016.