Booked for december 2020!

I just booked a room at pop for December 2020. I am sure I will have lots of questions between now and then, and this forum and community made our last visit (the first for our family) and AMAZING ONE!! so thank you all for that!! I am still planning to write that trip report. My question is, if I booked a room only military discount, does the room request fax work or is it limited rooms for military and we get what we get? I have never stayed at pop, but I’m worried about the long walk to the bus stop/food. I am hoping the skyline will have the bugs worked out by then!! And I saw art of animation is within walking distance, but I guess that depends on what room we end up in. Any pop century advice is more than welcome!!!

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Congrats and happy planning!

I think you will really like Pop. I will be there twice this year. I usually request a room in the 70’s section, building 10. That keeps me close to the bus stops. The walk to the lobby and food is not that bad.

I love Pop and have done a room request with the military discount room. I’ve stayed in the the 50’s and 70’s sections which were close to buses when walking thru the lobby. The walk to the lobby was close as well.

You can still do the room request. There isn’t a block of rooms set aside for military, just a set number of discounted reservations they’re willing to give at any time.