Booked during princess half

We booked during the princess half without knowing it. I would have liked to participate in any of the events but am way too late to register. Are there any strategies to avoid the crowds/traffic. I can’t tell by the run Disney website where exactly the race goes. I have read that early morning crowds aren’t too bad during races but would like to plan my park days based on any advice around avoiding crowds/traffic. I was aware that it will be a heavy crowd week even without considering the race. We are staying on property - split stay beach club/poly. Thanks for any advice!


What resorts are you staying at on Saturday and Sunday?

We will be at the poly

Can you plan to go to MK on Sunday? My experience has been that traveling from that area on Sunday morning (unless the route is focused away from MK) can be challenging but MK will not have the same issues from Poly.


Yes I’ll plan for that!

Thanks for posting this because it made me check the dates and discover the trip I’m supposed to plan for my friend also contains a marathon weekend, which I know nothing about :see_no_evil:

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