Booked April 25th!


My level of excitement is palpable and I can’t even stand it! Booking a trip brings me contagious joy and makes everything around me brighter. Both DH and my boss say I have a problem since I can’t even make it 6 mos between trips. Whatever. This all happened because I looked on Southwest to see if they were having any cyber monday deals, and the flight was $114 down and $94 back. I mean, I can’t in good conscience let that pass by!! I am practically stealing from the airline at those prices!

Right now we’re booked for Copper Creek with a waitlist for AKL Jambo through DVC. We’re allowing our DD14 to bring 2 friends which for sure will spice things up this time around.

I’m in the ADR window so that’s up next in our planning. woop woop!!!


Good luck with the waitlist. :slight_smile: We’re going April 28th to May 10th and booked a 1BR at BCV last week. Had to waitlist two separate days in the middle but they both came through less than 48 hours later, so hopefully you’ll have the same luck! :+1:


We arrive on 4/24 staying til 4/29, Poly. See you there :grimacing:


Congrats, sounds like fun, that’s the tail end of my trip so I’ll be there too!


Ok, we should totally meet up! @lecras @OBNurseNH @ryanjagel