Booked Another Trip!

I haven’t finished my trip report after arriving home on Tuesday, but booked a solo trip in January for MLK weekend (Friday through Tuesday).

Dh worked hard while we were gone to get ds back and forth to school (30min away…each way) so I scoured the calendar to look at ds’ days off and came up w/ MLK weekend. This only overlaps with one school day. :slight_smile:

Conversation w/ dh:

me: I know that drop off/pick ups were difficult to juggle while we were gone so I looked at the school calendar for a good time to go back to WDW.

dh: What? I am confused? I thought you got the pass to go back for a specific trip.

me: I did. A bunch of people on the forum are all traveling to WDW in mid/late July, but since I have the AP I want to take advantage of it while I can. :innocent:

Email was sent off to my TA for a Standard room at the Poly and my SW flights are already booked.

CL for MK on Saturday that weekend is predicted to be a 10!

(I promise I will update the trip report for last weekend over the next few days.)


If it makes you feel any better, I managed to talk my DH into letting me book a mother/child trip at DLR next April for middle childs graduation.
(He has no interest in DLR)

And, bc it’s only fair, a DCL trip with my oldest bc he never got a graduation trip. Date undetermined.
(He also has no interest in cruising. To be fair, I don’t think I will be really into it either, but I should experience it if I’m going to sell it.)


I totally get the complete lack of interest!

Dd marched in the Rose Parade in 2018. I took ds out early (we left the evening of 12/25) so we could do three days at DLR before the band marched down Main Street on day four.

A few weeks before we left, ds point blank asked me why we were going out early. When I replied that it was so we could go and enjoy Disneyland for a few days he then wanted to know why I was “making him go to Disneyland.”

Apparently I was a horrible mom for “making” him go to Disneyland!


We got back at the beginning of September and I’m trying to convince DH we need to go next month :grinning: Also, we’re going in May 2022 and August 2022… gotta get the most out of our APs right?


With only 3 full days and two partial days, I am thinking…

Arrival Day - Friday 1/ 14 - MK
Saturday 1/15 - DHS/Hop to EPCOT
Sunday 1/16 - AK/Hop to EPCOT
Monday 1/17 - MK
Departure Day - Tuesday 1/18 - MK

Favorite park is MK and has the most things that I want to do (sometimes multiple times) This will get me to all of them w/ only 3 full days.

Now to start thinking about dining…and hope some tours start happening again!

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