Booked a SDD FP in the last few days?


Our 60 day FP day is coming up on 9/15 and I am trying to get my ducks in a row. Has anyone snagged a Slinky Dog FP in the last few days? If so, can you give me an idea of times that were available. I’m wondering if I have any chance of getting one on 60+3 that’s anytime before noon.


Failed miserably at 60+2 and 60+4 on tuesday AM. Nothing at all available… :frowning:


I got FP for 4 people at 60+6 today. 60+5 were alll gone at 7am on my FP day.


Are you guys trying during an EMH day?

I have an unfounded theory that non-EMH have higher availability because the ratio of offsite people (and therefore people with 30-day windows) is greater and FPP at 60 days are more likely.


There is no EMH on our HS day, so I will be a good test for your theory in a few days.


My 60+2 is indeed EMH but not my 60+4


SDD is the only FPP I couldn’t get. We’re going on 10/7 though. This is our 60+1. I’ve been trying every day and haven’t seen any open. That’s a CL7 day though.

Good luck!


My FPP day was 8/25 and I could not get any SDD FPP on 60+2 or 60+3 at 7:04 am. Party of 3, CL3 and 5.

ETA there were late afternoon times available on my 60+4 but of course I’m leaving on 60+3 :laughing::cry: But others have reported there were none available for their 60+4


We’ll be at HS that day too. LOL. I’ll probably not even RD SDD, just go to the others and try to get it at night on the way out.


One thing I’m watching personally is to see if HS extends their hours. Then Maybe?? they may open up some SDD? On the day we’ll be there, it’s supposed to close at 8PM. But it likely will be pushed to at the earliest 8:30PM. So I’m hoping that a SDD FPP may open up. I’m watching for TP updates to hour changes like a hawk!


I’ve got a teenage boy and a DH who can’t get up before 8. Also, a Star Wars dessert party. Lol.

Soooo, I think we’ll be waiting unfortunately.


I think they’ll expand hours because the Star Wars Dessert Party is listed for 8:30.


Maybe we can all snag FPP when they extend hours!!!


Do you know if Touring Plans sends us alerts when the hours get extended ? If we get the info fast enough that would indeed save us !!!


If you are tracking the days on the crowd calendar, then you will get an email when hours are extended. What I don’t know is the lag time between when the news breaks and when TP sends out the emails.


One thing I’ve noticed is that the hours for HS during September (which has been pretty slow- low CL numbers looks like) for Sunday have been through 830 or 9PM. Since the Oct 7 Sunday is STILL closing at 8, I think it’s reasonable to expect that to be pushed to 9PM at least. I don’t know when Disney changes their hours, but it’s definitely worth watching like a hawk!!!


That would be great news; I was a little bummed to see that HS and AK were closing at 8pm for my entire trip.


I was able to get SDD 60 &7, but only for 6:45 pm. Better than not . We’re also RDing, so hopefully riding in morn, then AS2, then TSM, which seems to be working for many.

Looks like the trick is to get to RD well ahead of time, since TSL has been opening 15mins or so earlier than scheduled, and crowds are already there about 1/2 hour or more before scheduled RD.