Boo bash and crowds

I reserved park tickets to MK on two days that BOTH have the Boo Bash before the dates were announced. I don’t have park Hopper and I don’t have Boo Bash tickets. I don’t care about the early closing but i picked those two days because of the predicted low crowds. Is this a mistake now? Should I change my dates? TP still had those as the best two days to go. I’m so confused :sob:. I want my daughter to have the best senior trip ever

It doesn’t really change much. Yes, Boo Bash guests can start entering at 7pm. But most likely by then, you’re going to be staking out a spot to view fireworks from, whereas the Boo-Bashers are going to be mostly prioritizing rides.

So I doubt you’ll see much impact on your day. There’s even one school of thought that it’s better to go on an event day, because fewer people go to that park during the day since they’ll be going there at night…