Bon Voyage Breakfast vs. Trattoria al Forno Breakfast

It is my understanding that you can get breakfast at Trattoria al Forno without doing the character meet and greets - same food, different room. My boys enjoy interaction with the fur characters but tend to be awkward with the face characters. I can’t find any information on eating the breakfast there without the Bon Voyage package, but I’ve heard it is cheaper. I currently have and ADR for the Bon Voyage breakfast, but I wonder if I need it if I don’t plan to do the meet and greets. Does any one know anything about this option?

I ask because our ADR is for just myself and two boys. The other two members of our party don’t want to attend the Bon Voyage, but would be willing to do the regular meal if we don’t need an ADR for that.

I think it was @mousematt who asked about this one time. I can’t find the thread but I don’t think anyone had heard of it. Possibly he knows more.

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All I know is that I was told when I was there that there is a separate room with the same food and no character interaction.

I have no information about booking requirement or cost.

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I’m also going to try and find the thread where it was discussed. I could’ve sworn the person said that portion was walk up only…but again, I could be mis-remembering.

Okay, it wasn’t in a thread here…it was this article from Chip&Co. It is a little outdated, so you may want to call Disney dining and see if that is still a thing? - walk up might be a challenge with 5 people though?

Thank you. I do so appreciate how forthcoming and transparent Disney is with their information. :roll_eyes:

So, I called Guest Services. The lady I spoke with confirmed there is a walk-up service without meet and greets - no ADR with seating in a smaller dining room or outdoor seating. She said she wasn’t sure if the menu is the same and though she tried while I was on the phone, could not get a response from anyone who may know that information. However, according to accounts on other forums, the food is the same but cheaper and with different, non-themed names. Looks like I won’t be need that reservation afterall.

True, hadn’t thought about that. I wonder if we could get it to-go and sit on the boardwalk to eat - weather permitting.