Bon Voyage breakfast as a break...opinions?

We have a HS day planned- EMH 8am-3:30pm or so. We need to be back at Epcot by 5:30pm. I’m undecided about what we should plan.

Idea #1- EMH TSL and Star Tours. Leave HS at 10:30, Bon Voyage breakfast at 11:20 then return to HS until 3:30.

Idea #2- EMH and then do everything we want to do at HS and finish by 12pm. Head to Epcot and spend the afternoon walking around WS.

Would Bon Voyage breakfast be a nice break from HS midday or would we be better off taking a midday break with a lunch at Epcot? DD11 loves the princesses at Trattoria, but I think she’d be equally happy eating lunch at Epcot as well. Chefs de France and Akershus both have a lunch available for our day/time. I’m just not sure that a giant break for the breakfast is worth it.

I would opt for your 2nd idea. The walk from HS to the Boardwalk is going to take about 15 minutes each way. I think that you should do what you want to do at HS while you’re there. Then head to Epcot. So many places to eat there, at your convenience.

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Bon Voyage is not a short meal (plan on 2 hours). With the travel time as well, that would be a pretty big chunk of time. I’d go for option 2.


Yikes! Thank you for putting that into perspective. I didn’t realize it would take that long! Option 2 it is.