Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast transportation

Hello! My mother and I are going to DWD for my 21st and have a ADR at Trattoria al Forno at 8:45 am. We are staying at Riverside and are wondering the best route to get to TaF that morning?

If you do not want to Uber to the Boardwalk I would take a bus to Hollywood Studios. At you approach the gates to HS on your right you will see a waterway. On the side of the river closest to the gate you will see a boat dock. That boat stops at Swan/Dolphin, YC and BW. On the side of the river closest to the road there is a path. It is about a mile walk (flat ground, lovely walk).

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Thanks for asking. I’m staying POFQ in Nov. and trying to get an ADR for this. Was wondering how to get there myself!

Really the best way to go resort to resort is by using uner/lyft/cab. It takes a long time going feom resorr to park to another resorr

As my number one choice, I’d use Uber. Especially in the am. Totally stress free and cheap.

Second choice would be Bus to DHS then walk or take the Friendship Boat. By second choice, I really mean like fifth choice.

I’d use Uber as my 1st through 4th choices. Especially in the am.

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That’s best, but if you are traveling with someone in an ECV, then you cannot take advantage of those.

Edit because it’s hard to tell someone’s tone in a message, I didn’t mean to sound rude or snarky :slight_smile:

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Understood. No bad tone taken.

My answer was as much for you as for anyone else reading. And yes you are completly correct. A scooter or other such ECV is loads easier with the disney buses.