Boma vs. Tusker House

So we are traveling with a big (16) family group in October, staying offsite in an 8BR at Emerald Island. We are planning 2 days at AK on our upcoming trip–Oct 10 and 13. It will just be a few of us on the 10th because we are arriving a day ahead of the rest. Our whole group of 16 will be together at AK on the second day, so I was planning on booking Tusker House as close to park closing (6:00) as I could get.

The rest of our group will be arriving at some point on the 10th. I was either going to go somewhere offsite or try a resort restaurant. I thought Boma might be a good idea–the food looks great, and there is probably enough variety for pickier eaters. It would let everyone check in, get settled, and have a “destination”/place to check out without a park ticket.

Should we pick one or the other, and which one do you all prefer? We have 3 kids in our group so the character aspect of TH is a selling point, but so is going over to AKL and checking out the public spaces and savannas.

Or are they both different enough and great enough that we do both?

We did both on our last trip and loved each for different reasons. We did not have Tusker House for dinner, though, only breakfast. We had two younger kids so they really enjoyed the character breakfast, while my husband and I really enjoyed the different African inspired breakfast items on the buffet. We ate at Boma for dinner. The food was excellent and the atmosphere at Animal Kingdom Lodge was incredible! My youngest daughter is an incredibly picky eater, but she still loved her meal.

Enjoy your trip in October!

Boma is fabulous. Such an array of yumminess. I am returning there on my upcoming trip. I am also planning to try Tusker House not dinner, though. I am trying to decide if I do a pre RD or a later bfast\lunch time.

It will be my mom, my sister and I.

So many decisions.

Haven’t done Boma yet so I have to defer on that opinion until the end of next trip. I can speak for TH, though.

Tusker House can be loud because of the way the dining area is set up plus the character visits. That being said, I love the food at TH. Love, love, love!! The food is different enough for the adventurous but staple enough for picky eaters.

Boma looks great (we are going to ADR it in 4 days) and I don’t think you can go wrong with either of your choices.

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I find that they’re both different enough to do both–the trick will be getting reservations for a party of 16 anywhere, though. :wink: (That said, I’ve done 10 at Boma with no problems.)

If you don’t want to travel that far from where you’re staying (in case people are delayed in arrival), you have a lot of dining options in the area. When you come out of Emerald Island, make a right onto Funie Steed Road, then make a left onto Formosa Gardens Boulevard and then a left onto 192.

Between there and 429, which is less than a couple miles away, you have a huge amount of restaurants. My personal recommendations would be Chuy’s (was there on Saturday!), Bahama Breeze, Miller’s Ale House, or Texas Roadhouse, but there’s also an Olive Garden, Carabbas, Sweet Tomatoes (although it gets VERY crowded), Cracker Barrel, Joe’s Crab Shack, Bonefish Grill, and a bunch of other places. Most of them can accommodate large groups, and many take reservations. You also have some options for catering something in from a new Pollo Tropical that just opened, a Panera, or Publix. Then, if people want to go look around Animal Kingdom Lodge, just drive down 192 to Sherberth Road, make a left, and when you get to the first traffic light on property, make a left to head into the Lodge. Just say that you’re there to look around or get dessert and you can go right on in and park. (Zebra domes are available in the grab and go case at the Mara–just sayin’.)

I would probably do Boma. TH has arguably the best food at a CM, but the selection at Boma is much larger, and on the whole the food is better. Also, AKL is probably the most beautiful resort in WDW; it almost an attraction in and of itself.

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THANK YOU for the off resort recommendations!

I was able to get a Boma reservation for 14 at 7:30, but I think I’m going to cancel it. DH and I were talking last night and I think I am overscheduling. He suggested exactly what you did, catering in from Publix, and it’s good to know about Pollo Tropical too. (guessing Mexican?)

I think we are going to leave AK around 4 that day (Oct 10), stop at Publix and load up, then check into the house. Maybe get a deli tray from Publix, maybe order in, and let people enjoy the house and pool and be ready for RD the next morning at MK.

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Pollo Tropical is Caribbean-inspired food:

Chuy’s does Tex-Mex catering:

But yeah, you can’t go wrong with getting some food from Publix and letting everyone enjoy the pool, unpack, and unwind from travel before getting an early start the next day.