Boma or Tusker House?

We will be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge this coming February. This will be our first time actually staying here, but we have been to AKL before for a meal at Sanaa. One place we have never tried at this resort is Boma, but we have heard some amazing reviews regarding the food here. We usually reserve a breakfast at least one day in Animal Kingdom at Tusker House, but we are thinking about trying Boma instead. For those of you that have been to both, which did you prefer and why? Also, would you recommend breakfast or dinner? Thanks in advance for your help!

I have not done Tusker House so i cannot help you there.

Boma breakfast is good. Fairly typical fair. Some interesting choices. But I personally loved dinner there better. Took little portions to try things and then went back for favorites

I have done multiple buffets at Disney. But I will say this is the one I wish had trays. so much food to samp!e.

I have been to both, but neither for breakfast (TH Lunch, Boma Dinner). I don’t like “big” breakfasts; I rarely have more than a pastry and a cup of coffee. Based on the meals I have had at the two, Boma has a much larger buffet, with somewhat more “upscale” food offerings - but no characters, if that is important to you. I know I’m in the minority, but I was a bit disappointed in Boma after all of the hype that I read - but I’m not really much of a buffet guy. I wouldn’t not go to Boma again, but it’s not necessarily high on my list. TH is the only CM that I will go to voluntarily and has been my go-to for a TS in AK (although Tiffins wasn’t open yet on my last visit).

I have done both and like both. We like to do a late breakfast at TH that spills over into lunch (so it’s basically brunch to us). I have to say though that I think Boma breakfast is better (goat cheese scrambled eggs and bread pudding french toast are both great at Boma). For dinner I would also vote for Boma over TH. I think for a character buffet that TH is quite good, but Boma dinner has many more and better options.

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I also have been to both!

I prefer Boma for sure. The omelette I had there is one of the best ever! Such a great selection of food choices!

I have been for dinner as well! Again, it was top notch.

I’ve been to both and love both! If I could only pick one, it would be Boma.

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If you want characters specifically, TH is good. But I recommend Boma for dinner and for breakfast. I’m not a fan of buffets in general, but I really liked Boma and you are staying right there. Lots of options and nice setting.

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I’m trying to make the same decision for a late breakfast on our AK day. We’ve done and enjoyed TH breakfast but only had dinner at Boma. My preference is Boma but I’m concerned about taking that much time away from the park day.

We have done both.TH we have done for breakfast, late breakfast (managing to have access to both breakfast and lunch buffet) and lunch. Boma we have done breakfast and dinner.
TH is a family favorite for the combination of decent food and the very good character interaction. We always allow around 90 minutes for the meal, which usually means that we get to see each character twice.
Boma I was not overwhelmed by. I might have been expecting a lot, but I did not really enjoy the meal. The ambiance was fine but the food was a let down, especially dinner. Having said that, we will be staying at AKL in April 2019, and we plan to have a BOMA breakfast / dinner. @missoverexcited I would not take the time from the park to go over to BOMA for breakfast. So much to do at the park in the morning.

I’m just not massively interested in doing TH again and DS absolutely loves breakfast buffets. And we don’t do much at AK. We’d have the latest possible breakfast instead of an afternoon break. And we loved Boma dinner.

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Aaaaaaa… we are major AK fans. We can sit around in each land just taking everything in. We dance to the various performers and do all the rides and shows. If AK is not big for you then go for Boma breakfast and go out to the viewing area to see the animals (you cannot see from BOMA). Do not forget to try the zebra domes (if they don’t have them at Boma, you can find them at Mara).

I had zebra domes at Boma dinner, not a big fan. I’ve got a long time to decide anyway, we don’t go till August 2019!

Thanks for the great input everyone! I think since we are staying at AKL, we will try a dinner at Boma on a day when we were planning on leaving the parks early. It sounds like it’s worth a try, and since we are already at AKL it would be very convenient. We aren’t huge buffet fans, but it is convenient with my family as they like to try so many different foods. They also feel TH is a must do for breakfast. My 8 year old daughter still loves the characters, so I think if we do a late breakfast per our usual that will make everyone happy. I was hoping to choose one or the other, but I was out voted in our family. Now I want to hear no complaints on budget from my husband! :slight_smile: