Boma or Sanaa? Or somewhere else?

I have an ADR at Boma, but now I’m wondering if my picky kids will find anything on the buffet to eat. Should I switch to Sanaa? It’s 4 adults and 2 kids (me, DH, aunt, uncle, DS11, DD9). Or, do you have another suggestion outside of the parks since aunt and uncle are just meeting us for dinner? No character meals. Aunt needs a vegetarian or fish option.

I’ve been to both but IMHO Sanaa is a better option - but like I said this is my opinion. My DH and I prefer al a cart (Sanaa) rather than buffets (Boma) and the bread service at Sanaa is VERY good!

I’m having this same dilemma. I loved Boma, but mom didn’t really like the look of the menu. Boma does have a “kids” section of the buffet for picky eaters (plain chicken, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, etc.) whereas I think Sanaa is more set with the ethnic options. So I think we’re leaning towards Sanaa

In terms of kids that might not be adventurous eaters I’d say Boma over Sanaa. Sanaa is a more dedicated menu with fewer plain choices. Boma will have a mix of the two.

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Thanks! Sounds like Boma has more kid-friendly options than I knew about. I may still look at some other options, but it sounds better than I realized. Sanaa’s bread service sounds great, but the rest of the options probably are too limiting for the kids.

My kids loved Boma. There are lots of mainstream choices for picky eaters. And there are also lots of interesting choices for adventurous eaters. It’s a win-win.

My vote is for taking the approach that my parents did - we went where they wanted to go. I was a child, and my opinion didn’t matter - well it did matter, as technically we were a “democracy”, but the votes always seemed to go 2 to 1. Eat or starve were the two options. Obviously I didn’t starve…


Sanaa does have pizza for kids. And as a vegetarian, I thought the food was way better than Boma. I also prefer the atmosphere of Sanaa.

I like Sanaa MUCH better than Boma; the food is much better (and it’s a true TS, not a buffet), and the atmosphere is better. However, if you have “picky eaters”, you might do better at Boma; the buffet is so large, you should be able to find something that they like.

@brklinck - That’s how I was raised as well - only there wasn’t even a charade of “democracy” :slight_smile:


We stayed at AKL last year and ate at both places… I preferred Sanaa. My kids seemed to as well. We all loved the Bread Service.

I think there may be more variety for picky eaters at Boma, but the food and atmosphere at Sanaa is way better. We (2 adults, no kids) were unimpressed with Boma, but Sanaa was one of our favorite meals on our trip this past January. I highly recommend the dessert trio and, of course the bread, service.


i would be surprised if your kids didn’t love the mango lasso at sanaa!