Boma or Kona Cafe for breakfast?

Looking to book a breakfast for the day we leave WDW. Will have our own car. Wanted to hear thoughts on Boma or Kona Cafe? Thx!

I prefer Kona- I just love the pancakes and Tonga toast.

I want to try the Tonga Toast so bad. I bet there is dairy in it though and I’m lactose intolerant. So bummed.

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You could always ask!

I’ve never been a big breakfast fan; I just don’t want to eat a big meal much before 11:00, and at that point I’d rather have “lunch food” than “breakfast food”. I did eat at Kona once for a late breakfast and it was OK, but nothing that blew me away; I probably won’t do it again. Boma gets good reviews, but I’ve never been.

You can also get Tonga Toast at Captain Cook’s Quick Service. It can’t hurt to see if they can make it LF.

If you are a breakfast food fan, Boma is THE BEST breakfast buffet in all of WDW (in my opinion)! They have hand carved meats, eggs of every style, potatoes, fruit, hot and cold cereals, the best bacon ever, sausages, pastries, bagels, make your own omelette. Pancakes, waffles, etc. The food is FRESH, and delicious. You can get French press coffee and some awesome “jambo juice”. I’ve eaten breakfast at Kona too, it is good, but not as good as breakfast at Boma’s. (The Tonga toast is too sweet imho).

Tonga toast. My husband had this years ago and he is vegan. I am sure they can make a vegan version

Boma is an awesome brekkie buffet. Prepare to overstuff yourself trying everything.