Boma opening Aug 20, reservations open up Aug 18!



Is it at 6:00 am EST??? I forget

More info on Boma! Disney confirms breakfast and dinner buffets and provides some details on what will be offered.

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Looks almost like the normal menus are back.

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Also trying to get an ADR for this ASAP. What time do they become available in the mornings?

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Brand new openings often open before 6:00 am. Definitely check by 5:45!

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Great another reason for DB to think I’m crazy.

The updated menu (partial listing).

When should I go to Boma? I have 3 different reservations and I have no idea what I’m going to be able to swing.

I have a 9 am on our Epcot day but it’s the morning after being at boo bash until midnight and it is later in our trip so it might be nice to sleep in and not rush.

I have an 8:30 for the next day (our last full day) or an 11:00 but originally I had Sanaa planned for 12:30 lunch. If I do the 8:30 I could keep Sanaa but we would have to get there after closing down Epcot the day before. My plan for our last day is either low key AK day or HS day if we didn’t get a BG on our other 2 opportunities. I could replace Sanaa with Boma but I do love that restaurant too. It does not make sense to go to AKL in the morning and then leave AK to go back to AKL only 2 hours later. That is why I think either going before Epcot or replacing sanaa are the only real options. What should I do and why? Thanks.

I would skip Sanaa bc it seems the easiest option and I think Boma is the better experience of the 2.

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