Boma not in Touring Plans?

I am not seeing Boma listed in the table service restaurants on the touring plans site but rather the Rainforest Cafe. Is this correct? We just made reservations today for our trip there in January, so am guessing that Rainforest is no longer there?

I believe the TP software only lists in-park restaurants. Boma is at the AK Lodge, not the park itself.

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Ah ok, that makes sense! Thank you!

It is listed on the Resort Dining Page under Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s well worth visiting Boma for a meal on an Animal Kingdom park day, and it’s only a very short bus ride from the park to the lodge.

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Thanks @SallyEppcot ! I was hoping to be able to add it to our Touring plan, but just added it as a note instead :smile:

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Boma is one of my favorite restaurants on the whole resort. Definitely worth the bus ride over. We always do that on our Animal Kingdom day. It’s buffet style so lots to try and enjoy!

We are staying at AKL so I think we will end our day with this dinner and then chill the rest of the evening at the resort! Thanks for all the feedback!


lucky to be staying there too. Enjoy your holiday! If it’s your first time, it’s a gorgeous resort…You will love it.

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