BOG timing question

I seem to remember reading somewhere that even if your reservation at BOG isn’t for 8:00am that you will still be allowed to go in and get breakfast (up to a certain point, 8:45 sticks in my mind)

Is this the case or have I dreamt this? Seems very un-Disney like :slight_smile:


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I think if your ADR is before 8:45 you can get in at 7:45. We had an 8:25 ADR, and while we arrived at BOG at 8, and could get drinks and have our pastries, our food didn’t arrive till 8:25.

The last time we were there, December 19 - 31, 2017, we had an early morning ADR at BOG (I think 8am) and were let it and we only took about 40 minutes in there and out by about 8:40 or so. Two things can change all this. First if there is EMH for that day which makes the 8am ADR not any advantage. The other is if there is EMM going on in Fantasyland as this could help you be lined up in the line but not allowed to ride until right at opening.

Thank you both for your replies. I’m trying for an 8am ADR but I’m just planning ahead in case I don’t get it…still haven’t really decided if I will go for a later time slot if offered. I have until Friday to decide!

The earliest I could get was 8:35. I’ve booked it but may cancel closer to the time. Not sure I want to run the risk of sitting having breakfast on my first day as soon as the park is open…

We had an 8:30 reservation and there was no problem getting in early. We just didn’t allow enough time to get there by 7:45 which we needed to do to take photos, enjoy breakfast and be ready to line up for SDMT.

Definitely pre-order and consider ordering light so it doesn’t take you long to eat. Our food wasn’t fantastic… not terrible, either. I think a cupcake and something to drink would have been fine and then we could have grabbed a breakfast-y snack after the ride!

Thank you . I’ll follow your advice.