BOG Seating Area Requests

I’ve seen mention of “requesting” which room you want, and it seemed implied that this could be done prior to arrival for your reservation. Is this in fact possible? And if so, how?

No you’d just have to ask when you check in. There is no way to guarantee seating in any area of the restaurant.

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Just to be clear, you’re talking about dinner, right? For lunch, you can sit wherever you wish (assuming there’s a free table). I’m guessing breakfast will be the same way.

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Is there a recommended room to ask for?

Depends what theme you like. The Ballroom is the largest room and probably the one I’d choose if I were taking someone there for the first time, however, the West Wing has some impressive theming and effects. If you wanted a spookier experience, then try that one.

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It’s on our list for adr for our sept trip. We want to do dinner. Sounds like the ball room would be nice! I bet my 3 yo would be nervous in the Beast’s room. Hopefully we can check out the rooms while we are there.

Do the “effects” of the West Wing work during lunch time?


Great- thank you!