BOG ressie as a honeymoon gift

A friend of mine is getting married in two weeks and will be on her honeymoon in the World 10/3-10/10. She is not the planner we all are so she hasn’t been able to get the coveted BOG reservation. Would it be possible for me to secure a reservation (should one come up) and for them to use it somehow? Would I have to connect to them on MDE? Is this at all possible? Has anyone tried it?

Yes when she checks in she can just give whatever name the reservation is under. They won’t ask for ID to prove its her.

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I did essentially this very thing for my sister and niece WRT CRT

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So do I need to put her on my MDE or no?

Nope. If you can get the reservation she just needs to walk up and say she’s you. They find the name on the list and then check her in to wait for a table.


She just checks in as you. Pays with her band

SWEET! Thanks @Outer1 & @OBNurseNH!

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You’re welcome.

Any time!

I have a 1255 on 10/4 I’m going to drop if you want to try to coordinate to pick up! What a fun gift for your friends!

I just saw this! Have you dropped it yet?

Not yet! Have coordinated a drop and pick up so not sure what to do!

Another successful Liner reservation add/drop completed! Thanks @LeighLeighJ for your generosity. My friends will be so excited when I present them with the invitation and gift card on Sunday at their wedding!

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Wishing your friends a wonderful wedding! What a fun gift!

Update: My friends are at the Magic Kingdom and in just 2 short hours they will be dining at BOG!


EVEN BETTER UPDATE: She just texted me and said that they got free MNSSHP tickets for tonight and a free Christmas ornament. The pixie dust is flying all over the place at the MK right now for them!


Glad to hear they are having such a great day!

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