BOG Reservation needed


I need a BOG reservation for 4 on October 16 around 4pm if anyone is dropping one! Thank you!


Did you set up a reservation finder on your dash board?


You also might want to join the October Facebook group. Liners will post there sometimes before they drop and you can coordinate pickup.


@AuntB_luvsDisney I'm going in November, but how do you join groups, or is there a pinned post of FAQ I've missed? Thanks in advance!


Yes thank you!


I will join the group! Thank you for your help! :blush:


@GwynneAsh the groups are on Facebook and if you search November 2016 Liners it will come up.


I have a 4 pm BOG on 10/16 that I'm dropping. It's only for 3 people though. Do you want to try and coordinate?



How long does it take to be approved? I added last night and no response yet. Thank you!




And I missed one from the reservation finder :disappointed_relieved:Trying again