BOG reservation for early entry

Okay - I’ve seen a few older threads that sort of circle around this topic, but they all happened while things were developing. So let’s see if we can get some recent information on this topic. If you have done this recently, I would be particularly interested in your experience.

BOG reservations for breakfast:

  1. If you have a reservations in the 8-9 window, how early are they typically letting people in? It seems that regardless of your reservation time, if you have a reservation before RD, they are letting you in early. Is that still the case?

  2. If you have a BOG reservation before RD that is NOT on a morning when the paid EMMH are offered, can you get on Fantasyland rides after you have eaten? Of course most people will be trying for 7DMT and PPF as those will be the longest waits later in the day.

  3. If you have a BOG reservation before RD that is on a morning when the paid EMMH are offered, does that change your ride access?

  4. If the park is scheduled to open at 9 but later hours change to and 8AM opening, does BOG offer 7-8AM reservations? If so, does anyone have any info on when these changes typically happen?

My husband and I have an 8:25 reservation on June 17. So that is our particular situation, but I tried to word things generally enough so that people can find the information they need to navigate this world of pre RD fantasyland :slight_smile:

I can answer no. 4. That’s a No! Not even when the park opens at 7am are there reservations until 8am.

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I can share my real experience in three weeks! :smile: (I have an 8 am BOG on Sunday, May 21st).

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Please do! For much of this I think there is the official rule and then what is actually happening… so I’ll be curious to see if they are holding tight to policy or if they are being pretty lax. Do you know if the EMMH are offered the day you are going! I finally found the place to check and luckily it doesn’t look like we will have to deal with that particular obstacle.

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Thank you! That’s one scenario I no longer have to worry about :slight_smile:

I definitely will! No, EMMH isn’t offered the day we’re going. I had another pre-ADR BOG, but it was on a day that has EMMH. I cancelled it.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll jump on here. Good discussion.

Just to clarify. I have a 8:25 AM breakfast at BOG. Park says it’s opening 9 but probably going to 8. It’s a late Saturday in August. So with the 825 safe to assume we would not be let in before 8?

There have been fairly recent reviews of #1-3 on another Disney blog that shall not be named. It is EASY to find.

As far as #4, that generally renders the reservation useless and most people cancel them. They don’t open up 7am breakfast times unfortunately. Take a look at the 2016 hours to see if your day has a high chance of being changed to an 8am open. I would definitely guess that Saturdays in August will change but you can hold onto the reservation until they change the hours just in case.

This depends on what you mean by “being let in”.

Do you mean allowed into NFL to get to BOG, or let into the park?

Everyone gets let into the park an hour before official opening time now. Those who are eligible for emh, emm or with a dining reservation will be allowed past the hub to the appropriate area.

If you have an 8:30 BOG ressie, and the official opening is at 9, then you will be allowed through, probably at 8ish. But if there’s emh or emm, then you will not be allowed to ride 7dmt before breakfast unless you also qualify for emh/emm. Probably!!

We had an 8:25am BOG in early April, park opened at 9am, no early morning magic that day. We got to gates at 7:30 and checked into the early ADR line. They give you a paper, don’t lose it! Everyone was let in at 7:45 and then we had to show the paper they gave us to get further into the park (to the left of the castle close to Sleepy Hollow). We were at BOG before 8, at 8 they let everyone in. We had preordered so just had to pay. Food was delivered quickly, we were done eating and out of there by 8:35. Small line up against the fence for 7DMT, it opened at 8:40 and we rode 3 times before the rope drop crowd arrived (you go through the FPP line). We could have lined up for Peter Pan instead of riding the 3rd time, but we had already ridden it 2 days prior and had no desire to do so again.


Thanks for the details!

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You are welcome! It worked the same when I was there in January as well, except it was raining so 7DMT did not open as early. We only rode it once and then headed to Peter Pan as 7D is not a lot of fun when rain is pelting you in the face! :wink:

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I’ll probably only be able to ride 7D one time (I’m getting too old! :slight_smile: ), but DD will probably ride it again if there’s time. We’ll hope for no rain!

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I have bog, but it is now showing the early magic, the one they pay for. Should I pay for that or, keep what I have?

I just went back and looked at the Saturday’s in August and it said park opening at 8. Just wondering if we are going to be able to take advantage of getting past the rope drop of main admission.

With any luck, yes.

But if the park is opening at 8, you will be missing most of that first crucial hour unless you go straight to line for 7dmt /PP before going to breakfast.

You might want to think about how important is BOG to you / your family:

  • If they really want to eat there, then fine. Take the hit and make them happy.
  • If it is just a way of trying to get ahead of the rope drop crowd, then it MIGHT work, if you can get past the hub and into the line ahead of RD.

Personally I would hang on and see what people report, see if there’s any consistency in what they are allowed to do, and then decide whether to keep it or not. Seems to me there is sometimes an inconsistency in what happens.

Our experience with the pre park opening bog reservation was great today! It was a regular 9 opening and we had an 8:20 reservation. We got a taxi to the Contemporary and found our way to MK easily, thanks to some info from the liners this morning. We were let into the park at 7:45 and made our way back to BOG. We had preordered and we’re finished eating at 8:18. We took a quick look around the castle, used the restrooms and were outside in the mine train line by 8:32. We were about 10 people back.

They walked us to mine train at about 8:53. They were filming some sort of something on the ride before that. DH and DD 6 got two rides in (DD3 and I had one because she was scared and didn’t want to ride again) before rope drop. The rope dropped while they were on their second ride so when they got off, we hustled to Fairytale Hall and had about a 6 minute wait for Cinderella. So a perfect start to the day!!


Amazing! Did you have any trouble with transport? We will be coming from Fort wilderness and are considering the same approach.

Also thank you for the first hand on location feedback! Enjoy the rest of your trip :slight_smile:

We’re at Animal Kingdom Lodge so I was a bit worried about the buses for prepark opening reservation because it’s a bit further away etc, so we got a taxi that I arranged last night. We needed a car seat for my three year old so I didn’t want to fool around with über. We got a Mears taxi that took us right to the Contemporary with no issues at all and then we walked from there. We left AKL at 7:10 and arrived at MK at about 7:35. It was perfect! It did cost $25, including the tip, but it was money well spent for a stress free morning!