BOG reservation during Christmas Party

I snagged a reservation at BOG for 7:15 on a night of the christmas party (Dec 11). Do you think we’ll miss too much of the party ?
I do have a CRT the next day , so all is not lost; but we’ve never been to BOG. Is it worth missing so much of the Christmas party? We’ve never done the Christmas party, either. My daughter is 4.


I would say not worth missing that much of the party. If you really want to do it maybe just order desserts.

thanks, that’s what i’m thinking; i need to cancel it…

We did this last year and wont do it again, we feel we missed too much time at the Party. But it was the first time we ate at BOG and my DS is a HUGE Beast fan, so it was his favorite part of the trip. It was the ONLY time I could get for BOG, so we made the sacrifice. But otherwise, no. Took WAY too much time.

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Thanks. I will probably cancel it… we’re going back next august, maybe I can snag a reservation at BOG then.

Ok, I dropped a 7:15 thinking the same thing, got 6:40 pm , trying to get 5:30. Hope to not miss too much at 6:40, get there early and try to get seated asap. Thoughts? I do have a BoG qs breakfeast later in the week but wanted to see Beast. Opinions on cramming it in!?!

Dessert only?

No was planning for the full meal. Show up maybe 15 min early and hope to get seated a little earlier than reservation. Could re-think dinner but want to eat dinner anyway, and haven’t had BoG yet and would have to sit down somewhere.

If you do dessert only, can you still meet the beast?
Do the waitstaff frown upon such a small order? How common is it really to only order dessert? thanks

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We are in same boat. Have a ADR for 6:30 on party night. My DD9 is in the Beauty & Beast musical at school and I know would love to meet the Beast … but don’t want to miss too much of MVMCP. Same question as @finzup - is it ok to just order dessert, see the Beast, and get out?

Yep! I think it’s ok. Maybe give the server a bit of extra love $.

I would cancel it too. Would not sacrifice that time at MVMCP. We are actually eating an early dinner on our MVMCP night and planning other meals that day accordingly as to not miss any of the party. But I personally feel that BOG dinner is overrated. We finally got a dinner res last year and while the food was definitely good, I was a bit underwhelmed. Didn’t even try for one this year. We are however doing breakfast b/c the kids requested to try BOG for breakfast and we never have.