Bog reservation at 8:25am...beneficial?

Managed to get an 8:25am reservation for September 28…I assume park opening will be 9:00am.
Any chance I’d have time to eat and still be able to head to 7DMT before rope drop?

Or will this time not help at all?

If the park opens at 9:00 it would be very beneficial. You should line up with the breakfast reservations before 7:45. You should also preorder your meals. It will take less than 30 minutes to eat and you can get a ride on 7DMT before the park opens.


In one word, YES!. I’ve done it. Meals are simple and you can finish in 30 minutes.

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yes, we had an 825 a few weeks ago. Arrive at park early – about 745. You will be let in before 8. Make sure you pre-order. Line to order will be very long. If you don’t pre-order, you’ve wasted any rd advantage. we ate and headed out to line by about 830 (I forget exactly time). Line was very long behind us by the time they allowed riders starting about 850. We were on the 2d train. Hustled over to PP. And had both PP and 7DMT done by 910. huge score. enjoy!

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You were done eating by 8:30?
So if I show up earlier than 8:25am they’ll let us sit and eat before then?

yes – my understanding (based on my own experience and reading other reports) is that all the pre RD ADRs get in at essentially the same time. So if you arrive at 745, you will be let in. That worked for us. we pre ordered so our meal came right away and we were done eating by about 830. My husband thought I was a genius :slight_smile:

It might have been slightly later, I don’t remember exact time we were done. But early enough to be done with 7DMT before the rope had even dropped.

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Okay so I’m looking at an 8:25 too. I was planning on doing breakfast at our campsite each morning, but I’m tempted by the early entry with the 8:25 BOG reservation… is it possible to just order drinks and a couple cupcakes? Will my husband and I be shunned for being thoooose people?

Just not looking forward to $48 for food we could have cooked ourselves at our campsite . . .

That’s a good question. I honestly don’t care what others think, but others I would be with probably will. I would just order us a cup of milk and be on our merry way.

its pretty busy in there. Seat yourself in the dark beast room. i’m not sure anyone will even notice what you get especially if you pre order (although I think getting only a beverage would be going too far when so many people want to get in there for a meal)

You can buy a straw, and be just fine.

We split a few breakfasts, no biggie. Don’t wanna be weighed down with a full belly anyway (especially at 24.00 a plate!)

Is there an advantage to an 8:25 reservation when there is a morning EMH and we are staying on property?

From what I’ve seen, no. Most people suggest getting an 8:00-8:30 and then a 10 if you really want to eat there. Then keep whichever works with the park hours - early one if park opens at 9 and late one if there are EMH and you need to get some rides in before breakfast.