BOG qs, kid order from adult menu?

My 9 yr old is really wanting to order the croissant donut from Be Our Guest’s adult breakfast menu, is this doable on dining plan or does she have to order from kids menu since 9 and under?

QS does not distinguish between kid and adult credits, so by all means, she can go ahead and order from whatever part of the menu suits her


I had one from our local bakery. I wasn’t a fan. I would prefer a croissant.

What if you have deluxe dining plan. Those can be used for table or quick service. Can kids still use their credits for adult meals?

I guess I’m not positive, but QS is QS no matter how large or small the person is, so I guess it wouldn’t matter

I had one in Epcot… don’t understand the craze. It was a very crumbly donut to me.

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