BOG QS credits

We are going to BOG for breakfast and lunch during our trip. There are four of us in our room and my mom and sister have a second room. We have a reservation for all six of us at BOG. Can we use 4 QS credits from one room and 2 QS credits for the other and order online? Or do we need to do this in person to split the dining credits?

The order is just that.

You then skip the long line and go straight to the tills to confirm your order and pay.

So yes, you can still pre-order.

If you preorder there is a warning you cannot split. It will take 6credits from the main person on the reservation. Can you make it up within your group at another meal?

So, if we don’t preorder, we can split? Or is it that if we are on the same reservation, we can’t split?

Do they let you order the peach bellini in preorder or is that in person so they can check ID’s?

Or you could just use 4 credits and share the meals. It sounds like a lot of food for breakfast with the pastries etc.

Are you eating with them these two meals and any other QS? An you pick up the two extra here and they can pick up all 4 at another? Or you can split when you get there.

We typically have different tastes in QS, so usually meet up after. But maybe they could pay for our lunch somewhere and then head to their QS afterwards. We are also have food allergies, so maybe we should just order in person.

Ordering when you get there is still ordering on a touch screen. If you have allergies I would think you might be better doing the pe-Order and noting it on there.

Pre-ordering doesn’t deduct credits until you get there either, in case you thought it was like CRT.

As for the two,different dining plans, you may be able to do that, or you may not. Officially you can’t, but I have seen people pay using two magic bands even though they were all in one group. YMMV though.

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I have a related question. I’m going with a party of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) but one is 2.5 and not on DDP. He’s a good breakfast eater so I’m debating using a QS credit for him. How many pastry trays do you get with a party of 3? Would a party of 4 give us an extra tray? TBH what I found online seems to be a trey with 6 pastries which doesn’t reall seem like much to me.

It’s one tray per 4 people, and I thought there were only 4 pastries on it but it could be 6.

Everyone gets the same pastry plate, a party of one or a party of three. All you need to do is ask for more we did last June for a party of 3.

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I think I’m repeating this question but I can’t find it.

On the DDP I believe on mobile order you can select an alcoholic beverage but it will be included when I check in correct? Do I still order the fountain beverage?

It defaults to the fountain drink and I could not clear that so I left it and added my mimosa . It took the 1 credit.

Great! Thanks!