Bog qs adr

Hi! I have managed to get 2 ADRs for our trip for this but they’re at 12 and 12:55 will we be able to eat together or at least at the same time? I’m still trying to get one for our group of 4 but currently I have 2 for groups of 2.

I’ve heard they’re kind of particular about what time you arrive for lunch. I’d try to get them closer if you can.

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Thanks, That’s kind of what I assumed! I’ll keep trying or else we can split up.

are you using the res finder?


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I would attempt to move them closer together. This morning, it was strictly enforced that you could not enter any sooner than 5 minutes before your reservation time.

Thanks for this info!

I now have 3 reservations, 1-11:55, 2-12:00, and 1-12:05. I’ll keep trying to consolidate these but I am guessing this should work. Now will we be able to sit together? My kids are 4 and 6 so one of them cannot eat alone LOL.

Lunch is pick your own table, so you would just need to find a table large enough for your party.

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Perfect thank you!!