BOG Pre-RD ADR question

We have an ADR at BOG for 8:40am on a 9:00am open day. From what I understand, we can get in at 7:45am with the other ADRs. We’re planning on strolling up Main Street to try and get some good pictures of the castle with low crowds. We’ll check in around 8:20 or so to see if we could be seated sooner, but would we be able do potentially do any rides prior to that? I’m looking at PP in particular. I’m not sure when they start operating the rides for the pre-RD crowd.

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Not that early, I’m sure. The rides might start 10-15 minutes early but not 30-45.

The expectation is that you eat as quickly as possible so that you are DONE and outside at 8:45/8:50 to wait for the rides to open. You could pre-order and then try to get seated as early as possible.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised last fall that we weren’t held at the restaurant and that 7DMT was already running. We managed to stroll casually into the queue about 30 seconds before the mass of humanity came pouring in from rope drop.

Are you sure you can get in an hour early? If you are seated at 8:40, I’d guess you might be able to rush trough breakfast in a half hour-ish which would put you behind the crowds. Look
into preordering your meals.

Maybe you can get into breakfast a few minutes early.

7DMT has opened a little before rope drop; I don’t know about Peter Pan.

I’ve heard from others with 8:30am reservations that they got in at 7:45am with all the pre-RD ADRs, so I’d think it’d be the same for us.


You can get in at 7:45 with the other pre RD diners. Get your pictures and then go to BOG. You can get in right away!

Thanks everyone. Thus far my earliest ADR for a trip 60 d out is only 10 min pre-RD, 8:50 for a 9am opening. If nothing else earlier comes up we can still get there at 7:45 take pics, and wait at BoG with hopes to get in early and waiting…

OR should we just plan for the crowd-free pic ala 8:30 with stroll to BoG for our 8:50 and quick breakfast (pre-order of course) and possibly escape some of the non-caffeinated zombie crowd?

I would get into that line at 7:45… You can tell everyone that you are going with plan B but if you get in- bonus!

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