BOG PPO reservation and EMM?

I was looking to schedule a PPO breakfast at BOG and notices that Early Magic Morning is scheduled the same morning - will this affect us getting on the rides (specifically Mine Train or Peter Pan early? I was hoping we could hop in line for the mine train and get a ride in before the people at the gates get there! I am worried they will be more strict on time since this pre park opening event is going on…

Yes, it will :frowning: You’ll be eating breakfast while everyone else does that awkward rope drop run/walk to their first ride.

You are asking about the paid event? There are reports that they usually still allow one 7DMT ride before rope drop.

I was originally going to make a pre park opening reservation for BOG breakfast on the Tues of our tip, hoping this might get us in on the front of the line, or even a ride before all the rope drop people line up. How does it work when fastasyland is already open for Early Morning Magic? Will that mess up my plan? Should I try to get a reservation for a different morning? Or will it not make a difference?

There are reports that you should be able to get in one ride before the rest of the crowd gets there.

Thank you!