BOG PPO Realistic Rope Drop Plan?

Good morning!!
I’ve seen these early rope drop TP dilemmas discussed here, and would like opinions on if my rope drop plan is reasonable.
8am BOG reservation, will preorder and eat quickly to line up early for 7DMT (no EMM happenning this day)
8:55 1 ride on 7DMT (not guaranteed, but this is my hope)
9:06 arrive at BTMRR, ride 2x
9:36 Splash Mountain
*times above may not be to the minute but are what I would expect - am I completely off? Our first FPP is 7DMT 9:30-10:30 so if it’s too risky to add the pre-RD ride I will skip it, but then my BOG PPO isn’t advantageous and I would cancel it. It’ll just me me, DS10 and DD8 and we are quick walkers.
Here is what my personalized touring plan says. A lot of it hinges on the fact that it has me waiting 12 minutes for 7DMT after 9am, and then a 33 minute wait at BTMRR. Which is more realistic?

I have a similar plan for July except I’m going straight to BTMRR x 2, Splash, POC. I’ve been burned on 7DMT before with food arriving late at BOG or a child that needs to use the restroom. I’d switch your Splash fastpass for 7DMT and ride it standby with a short wait. if u could in your plan.

I would just be prepared to sacrifice a ride on BTMRR. I have done PPO BOG twice and both times ride didn’t run until 9.

As liner above said, food at BOG can be potentially slow. Get there early. I did have success on the most recent trip with getting anytime FPPs from the CMs at BOG when the food took forever and barely made it to the table by 8:45.