BOG PPO breakfast with large group

I did the WDW Chat today and got an answer, but I want to check in here to see if real world experience has been the same as the advice I was just given. I have an 8:00am large group (19) breakfast reservation at BOG. We are five separate families, not linked on MDE (each did our own FPPs), but I did some ADRs for the whole giant group. We are staying at different hotels and I am very concerned that this one ADR may be a little like herding cats.

Two questions:

  1. Does the entire group have to be together before being allowed to enter the park? Can I just make sure everyone has the confirmation number in order to get past the hub? (the WDW chat CM said yes, no problem, can arrive separately as long as everyone has the confirmation number. Although I hope it’s the case, it seems too good to be true.) Does anyone have experience with a split group?

  2. If all 19 people do not arrive, would we be charged $10 per person, or is it still just $10 total? (The reservation is split into two - one for 5 people and one for 14. I’m thinking of having my husband check in on one reservation and the kids and I would check in on the other, and then the others can follow as they arrive. Does this seem like a good plan? (There are multiple age groups and the littles and elderly might not make it that early, but they wanted to be included, but I do not want my cc charged if they don’t get there!)


  1. My experience has been that they require everyone in the party to be present to check in. If you have an 8 am BOG on a non-EMH day, you have to check in prior to getting in the park. They hold you separately from the other guests, and give you a paper to get past the hub.
  2. As long as one person shows up for the reservation, you won’t be charged a fee. They will charge you $10 per person on the reservation if nobody shows up

Perfect, that’s great information. Thank you!

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I hope you’re able to get everyone moving early!! I had a hard enough time last week with my just my daughter(24) and niece(17). :joy:


Ha! That’s exactly the dilemma! As long as I know I’m not on the hook for the money, I’m prepared to be strict. If the others aren’t ready on time we’re going in alone! :wink:

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Yep! That’s what I say! If you’re not ready, you’re getting left behind. :laughing:

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I agree you don’t have to walk in to the park at the same time. We did this with all of our meals, just screen shot texted the confirmations.

But I wanted to be sure it was clear (although I have only done CRT & GG as PPO recently) that if you and your DH check in on the 2 reservations so you are not charged, then no one can join you later. Once you’re checked in, the people there are the only ones let in to the restaurant. I did have an exception made at CRT for 3 kids in our group because the slow half was late due to the monorail being down and the ferry late, but I got the impression that was unusual to let them in late. And it caused mass confusion and complication for our server so I don’t think I’d do that again.


Thank you! I had never heard about the reservation closing so I really appreciate you telling me!