Bog ppo adr

Looking at May and seems there are no longer PPO ADRs for BOG. Has anyone else noticed this? EEK now the only ADR worth having for PPO is CRT and that place is slooooow

Do you mean no more left? I have a PPO ADR for 5/6.

No I mean beginning 5/18 there are zero ppo reservations. It’s being reported other places. So sad they may be getting rid of this adr

There is some pondering elsewhere that they may have finally gotten wise to the amount of money they are losing on people getting these and then just buying coffee (or maybe a cupcake) and either are doing away with them all together or are going to make it a prix fixe meal where everyone is charged the same amount.

OR reserving it solely for EMM.

Last week we had an 8:15am for CRT. We made sure we were the first in line (to get done quickly) which then made us “first family” (news to us). This meant that the princesses all came to our table first. This combined with our meal coming very quickly meant we were about 20th in line for 7DMT pre-rope drop