BOG portion sizes, adult vs child?

BOG breakfast portion sizes, adult vs child — let’s say for French toast, which is featured on both menus.
Any observations?

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I’m curious about this too. Also, can I get coffee with a children’s meal? I’ve read that the beverages are self serve. I have too many snacks I plan to eat during the day and don’t want to fill up at breakfast!

I was just looking at this… I’m considering doing a PPO BOG next trip… DH loves some crepes which are only on the kids menu. I would def get french toast, but wonder if I’d want the adult or kids version.

I can see photos of the child French toast breakfast online. It looks pretty small to me. Wondering how much larger the adult portion is. If we are gonna take the time and money to have breakfast, I want BREAKFAST, ya know? Fill ‘em up!! (There are 4 of us, so one plate of pastries included, which I hope can round out the meal.)

The children’s portions are small. Frankly, the adult portion isn’t that big. You can ask for an additional pastry basket though.

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One of my sons had the adult French toast and we thought the serving was pretty big but the French toast was not that great. Kids size serving would have been enough. The Belles prefere was pretty good. Kids meal crepes were also good. Added to the pastries, I think a kids meal size would be fine for most adults for breakfast. Beverages are self serve except for milk and alcohol. You could get whatever you wanted that was available.

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