BOG or Sleepy Hollow for early lunch?

BOG seems to be hit or miss for some people, so it got me wondering… Who would chose the experience of BOG vs. who would skip it to save on time and eat delicious waffle concoctions from Sleepy Hollow? Background for reference: we are a group of 5 adults, 2 4yo’s, & 2 2yo’s.

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Sleepy hollow for sure! Much tastier, cheaper and most importantly… Waffles!

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I will probably be in the minority when I say this, but I did not like Sleepy Hollow. My breakfast waffle was just ok, finding seating was not fun and the seating was not comfortable, and I had to be on alert the whole time that the marauding birds did not attack my DGDs’ food. I have not yet done BOG for lunch, I anticipate a search for seating, but the food should be better and there should be no birds.

SMH I just had to vote in my own poll to see the results. I clearly chose a wrong option when setting up the poll. Or was I subconsciously forcing myself to make a decision??? LOL

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Sleepy Hollow! I’m obsessed with the spicy chicken waffle sandwich…SO GOOD!

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to BOG for anything other than a PPO meal (just for the benefit of getting in earlier!) The wait to get to the ordering kiosks, the wait to get the food, and the so-so quality during QS times is just not worth the time it takes.

We have only been to BOG once and it was only a couple years after it opened (We seem to only be able to get to Disney every few years!) I am a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast, and I loved this restaurant. It truly made me feel like a kid again. And honestly I liked the food, and I liked that it gave us a chance to sit down and have a nice meal in the middle of a hectic day. It was my favorite experience of that trip! I am very excited to have it on our plan for lunch during our upcoming trip, even though it has gotten a lot of negative reviews since our last time. We plan on getting treats from Sleepy Hollow around dinner time if it’s open. My kids are really excited about the churro ice cream sandwiches

For lunch, I would prefer a guaranteed seat with that many people. I love Sleepy Hollow and would go for a snack but would choose BOG for that many people. It just seems like it would be easier and more comfortable.

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