BOG on EMM Day?

Any thoughts on an early ADR for Be Our Guest on an Early Morning Magic day?

Currently we have an 8AM ADR for BOG on Sunday 7/14 which is apparently an Early Morning Magic day. Obviously a big perk of the early BOG ADR is first dibs on 7DMT, but with the EMM folks getting exclusive rides until 9 it won’t be quite as magical. Any thoughts?

I’m leaning towards keeping it as my understanding is that while we won’t get on early, we will be allowed on at 9 prior to the RD folks getting there so it should be a short wait, but not a ride at 8:45 wait. We’ve also never eaten at BOG so I’m intrigued to trying it, although we do have a dinner ADR later in the week. Overall I think that Sunday is fixed as our early MK main day so if I canceled we would likely still do MK that day. I can’t get excited about switching from BOG to EMM - for 3 of us it’s probably another $170 or so ($210 minus ~$40 for BOG breakfast) although that’s another consideration in theory…

I have the same situation in June and have decided to keep the BOG reservation. I ran a plan with EMM and while it did give the benefit of riding those rides early, timing the rest of the day was the same without it. So for me the extra money for EMM did not make sense. We will still be ahead of the RD crowd, just not get multiple rides on 7DMT.

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Thanks - that’s pretty much my exact thoughts. Still a small advantage, but no longer a big one. Dropping ~$200 on EMM just doesn’t appeal given the ride selection…

It already doesn’t make sense if you’re going to pay for breakfast at BoG as well. The point of EMM is to get breakfast included as well as ride the rides. THEN, before rope drop, get in position to go straight to Space Mountain and Speedway so you’re walking straight on for those. Then over to Frontier and Adventure.

We’re doing the EMM for two people and it’s very much worth it. We’re able to knock out some of the major attractions by the time the park opens.

We experienced that situation on our trip last March.

I agree that on an EMM, you won’t be able to ride any rides before 9:00, but as you said, you’ll still be ahead of all regular 9:00am crowd.

On that day, we decided to watch the Welcome Show from under the castle. Before going on stage, all the characters passed in front of us and waved at us… pretty nice moment for the kids.

Then, we headed to PP with no wait in the stand-by line and experienced the themed queue, and we were out at 9:08 (and I saw a posted wait time of 30 minutes, although it could not be accurate).

However, we had the dining plan, which made our decision to keep ADR BOG easy.

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Just to be clear the options were:
a) Keep BOG as is and live with having to wait until 9 to get on 7DMT
b) Cancel BOG and switch to EMM and that built-in breakfast but figure that adds another $170’ish to the bill for the 3 of us beyond BOG
c) Cancel BOG and RD MK normally probably heading away from FantasyLand (Space or Splash/Big Thunder)

Still leaning towards a) but appreciate the feedback. I can understand the appeal of EMM as 7DMT and PP are 2 of the worst lines in the park so knocking them out and then moving away from the RD crowds to hit other headliners is appealing. Personally I just like those rides as opposed to love and thus would be content to hit PP once this trip and 7DMT maybe 3 times over the week so spending extra for more rides doesn’t seem logical for us.

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Thanks for the feedback - sounds like a great experience with the Welcome Show. Given the PP slow loading queue, 30 minutes was probably pretty close by then. Yes BOG is good value for QS on the dining plan. We’re going out of pocket this trip so it’s a clean cash transaction which makes it pricey for a full breakfast, but something I kind of want to experience at least once. I was just hoping for optimal conditions where we were hopping 7DMT early, but…Alas.

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