BOG - Lunchtime

Does anyone know what kind of standby time you are still looking at to walk-up around lunchtime for BOG. We will be at MK next Friday and we have a reservation for 2:05, but dont really want to eat that late and the kids also like the parade which is at the same time. Just wondering if we showed up at 11:30 or 1 how long it might take to get in. Can you use the app to order ahead of time if you are standby seating or only with a reservation?

BOG rarely has walk ups for any meals. You can try but I would not count on it. Next to your ADR there should be a link to order.

They were not taking walk up orders the first week of October. Since BOG is a difficult reservation to get, I wouldn’t count on getting in early…but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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BOG is pretty strict with times. You may get lucky but I doubt it.

Keep your 2.05 and consider yourself lucky to have a ADR. They are next to impossible to get. I have one a 7.50PM on the last day of my vacation and was lucky to get that as I was late making reservations. I have been watching for a earlier reservation or one for a different day but even as they come up, they are gone instantly. The best chance to snag one at the time you want is to watch 1 to 2 days out from the date you want. This is when people are giving up reservations they don’t want due to the fee they will pay if they do not cancel 24 hours out. I would say you stand a pretty good chance for a lunch reservation but that depends on how many are in your party. The more guests the harder it is, but then that may also be a benefit because most are looking for two people. Good Luck DocHopper