BOG lunch

I finally got a lunch res for BOG at 1:50. I want to preorder the lunch (hopefully will save some time) It’s my understanding, even with the preorder that the don’t actually make the lunch till you pay? Looking at my touring plan and it has me at BOG at 1:40. Will they let us into BOG 10 minutes early? And will it still be ok to do the preorder?
With a late lunch we’re also planning on stopping at Pinocchio’s to share a couple flatbreads at 11. Or is there a better place to get a quick snack to tide us over?7D FP @11:45 if that makes a difference?

Yes they will let you in early with your pre order. You will get a yellow rose and go down the left side to the front.
We are currently at WDW, we ate at BOG for lunch on the 18th, and then breakfast and dinner on Christmas, also went to Pinocchio’s on the 18th for the Flatbread Pizza before the party, was not very good, IOHO. I think Paco’s BIlls might be better opetion but it depends on what you would want to eat as far as where to get a quick snack. We didn’t do much in the way of the snack type meals as we had the deluxe dining. I’m sure there are others who can help you as far as where to get something quick.

My recommendation for an 11am snack would be at Gaston’s Tavern. There are a couple different things there that can be split. And then you’re right by 7DMT.

My favorite option for a hearty late morning snack of a waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow. I like the fruit and Nutella one, but there’s also a chicken one.

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I would definitely recommend a cinnamon roll at Gaston’s or just about anything at Sleepy Hollow over Pinocchio Village Haus. Based on volume, I am sure that they are cranking out sandwiches all morning/afternoon at BOG, so I’m guessing they will be “relatively” fresh. FWIW, I found the sandwich I had there to be on a par with the kind you get, pre-made, at a convenience store or grocery market. You definitely eat at BOG (lunch) for the atmosphere; the food is just another QS.

We were let in early for our lunch ADR at BOG. We had preordered. I think we waited 5-10 minutes for our food once we chose a table. One of the best meals of our trip and the best QS in DW, in our opinion. All 5 of us loved our food and the cupcakes are delicious.

Good to know we can get in a little early. bswan, yes, I’m figuring more for the atmosphere as well, but the kids were so excited when I told them we could eat there one day.
I guess we’ll poke around Fantasyland for snacks then and skip the flatbread. I had thought Peco Bill for nachos, but didn’t want to be traipsing all over the park.