BOG lunch vs. PPO breakfast -- would both be overkill?

I have a reservation finder running for BOG lunch our first MK day Aug 23 – right now the lunch plan is grab QS and take it over to Tom Sawyer’s Island but indoor air conditioning might be nicer. Plus the food sounds good and I want to see inside the West Wing.

I already have PPO breakfast ADR there for Aug 27, but that’s an EMM MK morning so it doesn’t give us an empty park, and we have evening 7DMT FPPs for Aug 24 and 25 so I’m not sure if we will still care about the short wait to ride it that morning. We may want more time at Epcot and logistically it would be easier to head to Epcot the morning of the 27th instead of MK. FPPs for the 27th are afternoon/evening in HS.

If I do manage to get a BOG lunch ADR for the 23rd should I take it? I could keep both with the meal plan, but is it worth the loss of touring time at lunch? And will the park be empty enough even with EMM for the earlier morning start to be worth it for PPO breakfast? Even if I do get the lunch ADR I’ll keep the breakfast ADR until after we’ve eaten there and ridden 7DMT. In theory I like how going for lunch on the 24th assuage my FOMO but lets me keep our options open for the 27th.

I acknowledge I’m probably in need of Disney-related psychological help.

“If I do manage to get a BOG lunch ADR for the 23rd should I take it?”

Yes - take it. You can always just order cupcakes. Check out the WW and then take food over to TSI.

“I could keep both with the meal plan, but is it worth the loss of touring time at lunch?”

It sounds like you have the important FPs covered and it’s so hot in August especially mid-afternoon. I’d rather be in the a/c rather than touring but that’s a personal call. My family doesn’t do heat well.

“And will the park be empty enough even with EMM for the earlier morning start to be worth it for PPO breakfast?”

Yes, EMM being a paid event with capped attendance, you will feel like you are walking into an empty park. You may be held a bit earlier than you would on a day without EMM but you’ll still be further into the park and able to jump the RD hoards.

FWIW, on our upcoming trip I have a 10am at BOG followed by a 12:20pm lunch reservation at Tony’s. Plan is to just get drinks and cupcakes at BOG.


If you pre order BOG lunch does not take any longer than a typical QS in my opinion. I will be at BOG for lunch on 8/23. Our top three QS at MK in no particular order are CHH, Peco’s, and BOG. I think it’s a great use of a DDP credit. That being said we prefer lunch over breakfast at BOG. We pre ordered last night and we have one breakfast and two lunches after I cancelled a breakfast. The SWGE hour change ruined our second PPO. For us PPO is when we get the best family pictures with little to no one in the shots and rides are secondary. We enter early and get pictures on our walk to BOG.

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You are so smart, thank you! And if we’re melting, we can stay put. I think we’ll be hungry enough for real lunch so if we do get the ADR I’ll pre-order but you can edit that order at the restaurant, right?

I really like having contingency plans.

@thekid, that’s good to know it doesn’t take longer than regular QS. And thanks both of you for refining my thinking.

Blushing, thank you.

Yes, you can modify your pre-order upon arrival.

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We did BOG PPO on an EMM day and found it still empty. We were able to get castle photos with the photographer with no wait. Issue is do you think you’ll like the food. My kids didn’t.

Might want to ride 7dmt right after and dump evening FP for something earlier.


The evening of Aug 25 is after dinner at Boma, and that might end up being a non-park day so we might dump 7DMT and 2 other FPs that night. Or maybe the 25th will be a morning only day. The only things certain are that we will have fun and that sometimes someone will be grumpy and that we won’t do everything I have planned.

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I’m trying to get a BOG lunch on the 23rd, too, to accommodate a FPP forced schedule change. It was at the bottom of my change reservation list. A few have popped up recently, but not the time I want (but I’m running res finder for three to round out my a group of seven). If I can’t get it by next Wednesday, I’ll drop the one I already have for 4 people at 12:20. I’ll try to send you a DM so we can coordinate you picking it up, if it helps.

We also have a BOG PPO earlier in the trip, so it’s not the end of the world if we don’t hit it twice.

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We’ve done PPO CP followed by BOG lunch. It wasn’t too much, but I’m one and done for BOG. I’m glad I’ve seen it, but it’s not worth the repeat ADR stress.


That would be great, thank you! I looked after posting earlier and managed to get 2 people for 12:15pm – I tried modifying to 4 with no luck yet. If that time helps you at all, let me know. Right now my 2nd and 3rd FPs are Peter Pan 12:35-1:35 and BTMRR (but we may RD it at 9 and then modify the FP to something else) 1:40-2:40pm. Any ADR time after 11:30 that has us done by 1:30pm will work I think.

Thanks! I saw the 12:15 for 2 last night, but holding out for 3. MDE hasn’t been holding onto selection my “number of guests” and I briefly got excited. :grimacing:

If I manage to increase it to 3 but not 4 it’s yours!

We had a 10:10 breakfast reservation at BOG. With pre-order we walked past the huge line of people who hadn’t ordered, had our meals and were touring again before 11 am (not sure of the exact time). I haven’t done lunch, but it would be a good “value” for your credits.

If you want A/C (which I can’t imagine you won’t want on Aug 23), we also really liked Pecos Bills. Picky DD loved the mac 'n cheese and DH and I enjoyed the nachos with the toppings bar.


Mousedining’s ADR finder just came through with a reservation for 4 on Friday, so I released my reservation for 2 at 12:15pm. And then I remembered I’d meant to let you know before cancelling, sorry!

Thanks, one popped open just before we left and I grabbed it. Had a frustrating PPO at BOG and I guess I need to decide if I’m willing to repeat. In short the monorail was down - we were late for our reservation, BOG then lost my order and I missed lining up for SDMT ahead of the rope drop. Food was good but I didn’t really get to enjoy it. Rest of day went off without a hitch.

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That’s unfortunate! I’m glad the rest of the day was better.