BoG Lunch time won't stay put

A week after my 6-month date for making ADRs, Disney opened up reservations for lunch at Be Out Guest and I was able to score and ADR. I’ve added it to the touring plan for that day, but when I try to optimize the plan, it shifts the time around as though it thinks I’m just going there as a walk-up which is resulting in other attraction times that are impossible because I’ll be dining at that time.

Is there a way to anchor the reservation to the set time?

You could put it as a break.

Did you add it as a Meal Break with a set arrival time and duration? The Optimizer should not move it around much (it may have you get there a little bit early or a few minutes late, but not enough to jeopardize your reservation).

Yep. I selected it with the “Add Meal” button and it has a starting time and a duration.

Today is the first day I can make FastPass+ selections, so as I was tinkering around with those and reoptimizing my plan, that’s when I noticed that the time was shifting between the entire operational time for lunch.

I suppose I could just mark in a 60 minute break period, but it looks like I shouldn’t have to if it were working as expected.

OK, you should e-mail about this problem, giving them the plan URL. The Optimizer should not be shifting a meal break around that much.