BOG lunch selections question

Hello all, trying to review our BOG lunch selections that DH made. Trying not to bug him at work. I didn’t see a place for the lunch selections in MDE. Where do I find the reservation and the lunch selections to modify? TIA

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The BoG lunch reservations do not show up in MDE. You can try logging into and see if the reservation shows and allows changes. It’s kind of a buggy site and sometimes you can’t even see the reservation after you know it’s been booked. Lots of liners have reported this happening but have had no trouble showing up and still being seated. If you are only wanting to change a pre-ordered selection you can tell them you’d like to re-order when you check in and go through the ordering process again on site.

Thank you Outer! I will check out that link!

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Outer the link worked perfectly and I found our reservation. All meals were there! Thank you again!

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Help, I just went back into the BOG website and after not making any changes just looking at the meal selections the reservation has now disappeared!!! I called the dining line and they say no one has access to those reservations and I can not check on it until I"m onsite.

Account Hack…!!!

The whole BOG process is incredibly buggy. What has happened to me twice, and what CMs have told me is very typical, is that even when you order ahead, the computer system loses your order, so you have to reorder at a kiosk anyway. But at least you had a FPP to avoid the line. This is why I always print everything for BOG…