BOG lunch reservation available Feb 4

I have been trying to get a BOG dinner reservation for Feb. 4, have one for Feb 2 but had to change the day I was in the park. Anyway when I was looking for the reservation I seen they had a 2:30 reservation open on the 4th and thought I would pass the info on if anyone was looking.

I might let go of a BOG ADR for 7:15pm on Feb 4th soon. If interested, I would let you know beforehand.

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Oh my gosh I would be greatly interested if you do!! I have been trying for a dinner res ever since I found out I had to change my park day :worried: with no luck so far. So that would be awesome! Thank you!!

Let me know how you would want to coordinate if you decide to let go of your reservation.

@bienchenbibi Thank you so very much for the reservation! I was able to get it! You just made me very popular in my house right now!!

By the way what are your vacation dates? Ours are Feb 1-Feb 11.

Thanks again and hope you have a great trip!

Will be there Jan 30 - Feb 6.
Enjoy your trip and The Beast!